Malt Vinegar Mother


Eight ounce jar of malt vinegar culture, can be used to start your own malt vinegar from beer that you may have brewed, or a commercial beer that you like. We recommend something with a higher alcohol content, I usually use 6.5% plus. You will add 24 ounces of beer or ale which will start you with one quart (32 oz). As conversion of the alcohol to acetic acid takes place, you can periodically feed it with smaller amounts of malt stock (beer or ale).



Malt Vinegar Mother, 8 oz jar, initially makes one quart (32 oz) of vinegar, which you then use to build up after conversion by adding more beer periodically. You supply 24 oz of dark beer of your choice (malty beers work best to start). Jar label comes with instructions and you will need a wide mouth glass jar of at least 64 oz (1/2 gallon) size. Beverage dispensers with plastic spigots can also work well. Over the 40 years that we have been selling these, they have been featured in many gourmet food magazines and on cooking websites!

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