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All prices are per pound unless noted.

We carry more than what is listed here—please call (413) 586-0150 or email your all-grain recipe, and I would be happy to assemble it for you.

Grains are whole, I can mill the grains if needed, for 25 cents per pound. Thanks!


  • Rahr US Standard 2-row Pale-$1.75/lb.-Good workhorse base malt
  • Rahr US Standard 2-row—55 pound sack–$75.00
  • Rahr US White Wheat-$2.25/lb.-Very light colored wheat malt
  • Crisp UK 60L Crystal-$2.99/lb. –Medium amber caramel malt
  • Crisp UK Chocolate Malt-$2.99/lb. –Dark malt with chocolate flavors
  • Crisp UK Roasted Barley (unmalted)-$2.99/lb.-Classic dark grain for stouts
  • Crisp UK Black Malt-$2.99/lb.-Deep black and smoky
  • Weyerman German Pilsner-$2.25/lb.-Famous for high quality
  • Weyermann German Munich-$2.50/lb.-Classic and malty
  • Weyermann German Vienna-$2.50/lb.-Full bodied, golden colored
  • Weyermann German Pale Wheat-$2.50/lb.-Classic weizenbier malt
  • Crisp Maris Otter Pale Ale-$2.25/lb.-Premium UK pale ale malt
  • Briess Cara-Pils-$2.99/lb.-Adds sweetness and body but little color
  • Briess Special Roast-$2.99/lb.-Biscuity and malty
  • Flaked Oats (US)-$2.99/lb.-adds body and mouthfeel
  • Flaked Corn (US)-$2.99/lb.-lightens up a beer
  • Chateau Belgian Aromatic-$2.99/lb.-Strong malt aroma
  • Chateau Belgian Biscuit-$2.99/lb.-Nutty and biscuity

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Weight 1.5 lbs

Rahr US Standard 2-row Pale, Rahr US Standard 2-row—55 pound sack, Rahr US White Wheat, Crisp UK 60L Crystal, Crisp UK Chocolate Malt, Crisp UK Roasted Barley (unmalted), Crisp UK Black Malt, Weyerman German Pilsner, Weyermann German Munich, Weyermann German Vienna, Weyermann German Pale Wheat, Crisp Maris Otter Pale Ale, Briess Cara-Pils, Briess Special Roast, Flaked Oats (US), Flaked Corn (US), Chateau Belgian Aromatic, Chateau Belgian Biscuit


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