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I try to have on hand most of the White Labs line of liquid yeast cultures,

Please call (413) 586-0150 or email to check availability of the strain you are looking for—Thanks!


  • Fermntis Safale US-05-$4.99-American Ale- Most popular of the dry brewing yeasts
  • Fermentis Safale S-04-$4.99-British Ale-Great for UK styles
  • Fermentis Safbrew S-33-$3.99-Good all purpose yeast
  • Fermentis WB-06-$6.99-Classic German wheat beer yeast
  • Lallemand Nottingham-$5.99-British style with drier finish
  • Lallemand Windsor-$5.99-British style with sweeter finish
  • Lallemand Belle Saison-$6.99-Specific yeast for this style
  • Lallemand BRY-97-$5.99-West Coast IPA yeast
  • White Labs WLP001-California Ale-$9.99-Most popular liquid culture
  • White Labs WLP002-English Ale-$9.99-Sweeter finish
  • White Labs WLP004-Irish Ale-$9.99-Classic for stouts, etc.
  • White Labs WLP007-Dry English-$9.99-Drier finish-less residual sugar

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Fermntis Safale US-05, Fermentis Safale S-04, Fermentis Safbrew S-33, Fermentis WB-06, Lallemand Nottingham, Lallemand Windsor, Lallemand Belle Saison, Lallemand BRY-97, White Labs WLP001-California Ale, White Labs WLP002-English Ale, White Labs WLP004-Irish Ale, White Labs WLP007-Dry English


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