Q: Can I get ingredients for a recipe that I have?

A: Yes, we can get most ingredients together for you, as long as you call ahead at 413.586.0150. Grains and hops can be weighed out as close as possible to what your recipe calls for., and we can mill grain for you.

Q: Are all of your Yankee Brewer recipe kits in stock at all times?

A: We always have something on the shelf, but if you want a specific kit, please call ahead so we can insure we have the ingredients in stock. 413.586.0150.

Q: Are all varieties of hops available at your shop?

A: Due to a global shortage of hops, we have a very limited variety this year, and may have to make suggestions for substitutions, especially hop pellets. We also do not sell hops unless you are buying the other ingredients for beer, such as malt, grain and yeast. We also reserve the right to limit quantities.

Q: Is the hop shortage affecting your recipe kits?

A: Yes, we have also had to adjust the hops on kits that previously used a lot of hops. In most cases, this has involved using a higher alpha rated hop in lesser quantity. This will also save you money, as hop pellets are $3.99 per ounce right now. We will try to let you know if a recipe has been altered.

Q: Do you sell wine making equipment such as presses, barrels and crushers?

A: Because of the dollar to Euro exchange, we are not currently stocking any large wine equipment.