markBeer and Winemaking Supplies, Inc. began in the early 1970s, selling winemaking supplies out of the warehouse attached to Frank and Ann Romanowski’s bakery / frozen foods business. In 1976, when the store front in the building became available, the business was expanded, and became a separate company, called “Winemaker Supplies”. When beer making was finally legalized in 1979, the name was changed to the present one. In 1988, Frank & Ann were looking to retire, and I began working part time in the store. Having come from a retail background, I quickly learned the business, having been a customer for a few years.

In October of that year I purchased the business, along with my wife, and this year will mark my 28th year at the helm.
I do this for a living, and really appreciate your business, and in turn strive to provide the knowledge and experience to help you ferment great beer, wine, mead, cider, and soda. Vinegar “mother” starter cultures are our specialty, and we have sold red wine, white wine, malt and cider cultures all over the country.

We have also had many customer success stories, such as Berkshire Brewing Company, Brewmaster Jack, Stoneman Brewing and many other area brewers and vintners.

I look forward to seeing you at our shop, or speaking to you on the phone.

Cheers, Mark Larrow, proprietor
Telephone: 413.586.0150