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Custom home brew beer recipe? We can help you assemble the ingredients to your specification. We also provide expert advice on the home brewing process. In addition, we provide wine-making supplies and hard-to-find mother of vinegar starter cultures.

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Getting started in home brewing

Looking to get into home brewing? We carry a wide range of home brew supplies including including homebrew starter kits that will show you just how easy and satisfying it can be to brew your own beer.

According to the American Homebrewers Association, there are more than 1.2 million homebrewers in the United States. These beer enthusiasts produce more than two million barrels of beer a year.

Festive Holiday Brews and Forgotten Drinks

One part of the history of Christmas beers began in Great Britain, where house to house carolers and well-wishers were treated to a drink of Wassail, the name of which comes from the Welsh and Anglo-Saxon “waes hael” (be well). It was a mixture of hot ale, nutmeg,...
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Beer, Pilgrims & Thanksgiving

We celebrate Thanksgiving this month, and it is interesting to learn how beer played a role in this favorite of holidays. The English settlers were beer drinking people, as wine was affordable mostly to the aristocracy, who imported it from Europe. While they were...
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Nashawannuck Brewing Co., Inc. –Almost the first Microbrewery in Western Mass.

In 1975, the last brewery in western Massachusetts closed its doors when Hampden Brewing Company ceased operations in the Willimansett section of Chicopee, just across the Connecticut River from Holyoke. A few years later, in the late 1970s, two friends began...
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Northampton Beer & Winemaking Supplies, Inc. is one of the few places people can purchase hard-to-find mother of vinegar. Mother of vinegar is a membrane of yeast and bacterial cells which can be added to wine to make one’s own vinegar.

Northampton Beer & Winemaking Supplies, Inc. was one of the first stores in the region to start selling mother of vinegar in the 1970s. It’s since become one of our most popular products.